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Top Local SEO Blogs to Bookmark
Post By : Nikunj Chauhan on Mar 15, 2017
Category : Local SEO

The SEO will boost organic traffics to your site and increase it’s ranking on the search engines. The SEO experts usually optimize websites through content generation, back-linking and keyword research.

5 Best Practices to Increase Traffic from Local Search
Post By : Neeta Solanki on Mar 01, 2017
Category : Local SEO

If you need to increase your website’s online exposure, you will need some knowledge of digital marketing. These marketing strategies will drive more clients to your business and increase your profit margin. The importance of local SEO is increasing with expansion of device connectivity through Internet. The evolving wireless communication is changing the pattern of […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Strategy in 2017
Post By : Nikunj Chauhan on Feb 17, 2017

Social medial marketing has helped about 92% of marketers increase their visibility over the Internet. This marketing strategy has helped around 80% marketers increase traffic to their websites. Its importance is continuing to grow due to increasing popularity of social media networks. Your digital marketing campaign will stay incomplete without the implementation of Social Media Marketing strategies. Hence, it is necessary to strengthen your social media strategies in 2017.

Benefits of Adding HTTPS to Your Local Business Website
Post By : Kenar Raval on Feb 15, 2017
Category : Local SEO,SEO

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the ‘application layer protocol’. It allows you to transmit and receive information across the Web, efficiently. It focuses on presentation of the information and not on secured data transaction. However, the addition of ‘S’ to ‘http’ boosts its security protocol. Https was developed to verify the authorization of your website and to secure your data transactions. Furthermore, the addition of a single alphabet (S) helps to improve the Search Engine Ranking (SERP) on popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and AOL.

How To Choose Your Words To Write Effective Tweets?
Post By : Neeta Solanki on Feb 01, 2017

If you think effective Tweeting is a piece of cake, you cannot be further from the truth. It is possible for you to influence millions of people through tweeting. It is not an easy task. Certain rules will help you add character and charisma to your tweeting. Active tweeting will not only bring accolades to you. It will also help your commercial venture to come within the focus of millions.

Local SEO Audits – Take it Seriously and Do it Yourself
Post By : Nikunj Chauhan on Jan 25, 2017
Category : Local SEO

The ranking factors and techniques of local SEO are different from mainstream SEO. The search-patterns of local buyers are responsible for this difference. They usually look for the contact information of local sellers. If you are competing in the local commercial market of Los Angeles, you will need the assistance of local SEO Los Angeles for auditing.

Top Marketing Trends To Look Out For in 2017
Post By : Nikunj Chauhan on Jan 18, 2017

It is tough to predict the trend of current or future market even in the presence of analytical software. These applications may let you avail a preview. The market trends are always transitory. It is hard to assume the new trends due to this reason. It is still necessary to draw a feasible marketing strategy. The marketing trends mentioned in this article may help you avail a preview of future market trends.

The Importance of Local Citations for your Business
Post By : Kenar Raval on Jan 11, 2017
Category : Local SEO

There are several ways and tricks to promote your online business and local citation is one of the basic ones. What is this all about and how it can add value to your business in terms of better ranking in search engines? Let’s have an insight into those aspects and other factors that you must consider while having your business citation on local directories

Top 45 Local Directories to List your Business
Post By : Kenar Raval on Dec 15, 2016
Category : Local SEO

Online marketing is a great tool that can penetrate your business into the market. There are several online business submission sites /platform listing where your business can find an edge over those businesses that aren’t listed on those directories. Let’s have an insight into some of the most popular and widely used business directory platforms that you list your business to get the desired exposure

How to create an online campaign for your business
Post By : Nikunj Chauhan on Nov 09, 2016
Category : Online Marketing

The online marketing campaign has to gain significant important these days. If you are not able to conduct marketing efforts on your own, hiring an expert is the best step for your online campaign. Right from acknowledging customers’ demands and their requirements, all you need is to serve them with your products.

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